My Roger Bannister Moment

One of the highlights of my year so far has been becoming the 1st GDP to upgrade from Platinum Elite to Diamond in 2020 [or so I have been told]. This means starting over 150 Invisalign cases in under 6 months. I will become Diamond Tier 2 within 4 weeks [200+ cases].

I wanted to share my journey in becoming a Diamond Provider- as there are many parallels with the 4 minute mile. I believe we will now see a batch of dental associates join me in the Diamond Club.

Becoming Diamond was always a dream for me, as it may be for many of you. However, as a Dental Associate working in  mixed dental practice in East London, with 2 Diamond Providers within 5 minutes drive, I did not believe it would ever happen.

‘Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven, But Nobody Wants to Die’- David Crowder

I love this quote- that is when I realised, there is a price to pay, sacrifices that need to be made, but the rewards are so worth it.

Lessons learnt from my journey to Diamond- and why I believe that once the myth is broken [ just like the myth that man could not run the mile in under4 minute ]  the stigma of Diamond is no longer so daunting. More than 20,000 people have run the mile in under 4 minutes after Roger Bannister broke the ceiling.   It takes one person to prove to the rest that it can be done! So lets do it!

LESSON 1- Follow your dreams and convictions, believe in yourself and your ability, irrespective of your life circumstances and situation.

It would have been easy to accept Diamond was beyond me, with an Orthodontist within 5 minutes charging £3100 for Invisalign, Vivera, Whitening and Fixed if needed, and a well established GDP who has is also Diamond completing over 1000 cases it would have been easy to give up in a saturated market. But I stuck with it.

 LESSON 2 –  “The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.”

― Benjamin Disraeli

Due to RSI and flexor tendonitis in my right hand, my poor health forced me to incorporate Remote and Virtual Workflows even before Lockdown.

This gave me a unique insight and a competitive edge, lockdown signalled an acceptance of digital and remote workflow. I was able to become Diamond as I was the right guy  in the right place at the right time who saw the right opportunity.

I was able to succeed as I believed in the new shift in society due to COVID-19 and saw the opportunity to use a slick and efficient workflow  to scale and grow.

LESSON 3 – Growth brings more challenges and opportunities for growth than just quick wins. Patience is the key.

Health issues forced me to have multiple sabbaticals and presented opportunities to learn and grow in Non Clinical fields. These opportunities helped me to utilise Growth Strategies and tips that I call the  3P’s & 3E’s to grow.

 THE 3P’s

Perseverance – 2020 taught us that there is so much that we cannot control, all we can do is persevere on activities that increase the probability of winning and focusing less on external events beyond our control.

Patience – In a world of instant gratification playing the long game is hard, only by studying the lives of great people like Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi do we see how the guys that played the long game win and inspirational figures from history  keep their focus on the goal.

Positive Outlook-  Pioneers and great characters always thrive with an abundance and growth based mindset irrespective of their circumstances. This was critical to enable a ‘Thrive’ mindset.

The 3 E’s

Emotional Element – Dentistry can often diminish our emotional element, being aware of the predominant emotions and thoughts of our minds, helps us to remedy and rectify, so we maintain productivity and keep focused on the goal.

Environment – I often found that I have to unfollow certain people on social media, stop going into certain groups or avoid certain topics, as this ‘environment’ would detract my energy from the critical tasks I had to do in order to be productive- doing a task in the wrong. ‘Element/Environment/Energy’ will turn productivity into activity  [productivity is where the growth is]

Surround yourself with people with similar goals and aspirations.

Energy- Growth brings multiple challenges, and as an associate [ where I  can not control/impact hiring/firing  etc ] I am more prone to challenges, being able to focus on how and where I spend my energy, with a focus on sleep, nutrition and meditation helped to bridge the gap and keep growing.

 I call this my Roger Bannister moment, as I am a Dental Associate in his mid forties, I do not have a personal instagram account on a business to consumer model, the dental practice where I work has less than 1000 IG followers, we do not have a huge referral based  for Orthodontics, and I work in the most competitive and commoditized city for Invisalign in the world, with 2 diamond providers within 5 minutes.  Lots of reasons to fail in my quest to reach Diamond. But what I do have is a great principal who saw my vision and helped, motivated and gave me the tools to make my vision a possibility.

On this journey we realised the goal was to make the workflow easy, simple, and predictable, all we had to do was to focus on …

1.People- giving the right people the right system and training

2.Systems- we have had to upgrade, evolve and upgrade our Invisalign journey in a clinical and non clinical sense

3.Technology – understand what technology to use, that makes life easier and more efficient, as well as simplify the patient journey

My hope and dream is that we see a surge of colleagues embrace a Digital-Remote and Virtual workflow- as this workflow has re-ignited my passion and love for dentistry and given me the 3F’s  [Freedom- Flexibility and  the Finances that I have always wanted ]

2021 promises to offer incredible opportunities for those who believe the ceiling has been shattered now that I am Diamond and those with courage and conviction will thrive.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill.   4 MINS MILE