Diploma in Aligner Mastery

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Congratulations for enrolling on the Diploma in Aligner mastery!

You will find all the resources and content links you will need to understand the aligner market, the business of aligner dentistry and how to scale and position yourself as the number number aligner provider.

The modules are easy to access, the content can be viewed at your convenience, and your progress can be tracked should you wish to continue at a later time.

The online modules along with the face to face courses will supplement your complete understanding of aligner therapy and it’s scope.

CPD certificates will be provided on feedback and successful completion of assessment modules.

We hope you enjoy your journey with us, and look forward to helping you become a master in aligner dentistry.

Bhavin is a Diamond Apex provider, the top 1 % in Europe, and in my opinion one of the UK’s best coaches for Invisalign providers.

I have been working with him for over 2 years and the growth I have seen personally and in my practice, in my dentistry is amazing! He has changed my life!

James Connan, Principal Dentist, Surbiton Dental