A – Most marketing agencies promise the world and underdeliver… which is why we have an iron clad guarantee that ensures you receive 180 qualified Invisalign enquiries inside of 6 months…

A – All of our marketing campaigns strictly follow the GDC & GDPR guidelines, our copywriters study the guidelines vigorously to guarantee every word we write is compliant.

A – You want to know that we are the real deal, right? Well, who better to hear from than our current clients! Click this link here to see what a handful of our clients have to say…
A – We believe in transparency… which is why every enquiry we send you is tracked in your unique Lead Tracker so you have complete control of the enquiries coming in!
We SMS you when our leads come through, so you have 100% confidence in our system from Aligner Alchemy.
A – Quite easy really… we do one thing and one thing only: Invisalign Transformations! EVERYONE else in the industry will also do implants facial aestehtics etc, We only do what we love, and we love Invisalign

We have our own proprietary Census Data mapping tool, with the most up to date data to ensure we have an area large enough with enough people living in that area aged between 20 and 54 to generate this volume of leads.

Depending on where you’re located, we look at population density and also how far people living in that area are typically willing to travel to see the dentist.

A – This has never been a problem…
But, hypothetically speaking if it were to happen we have two approaches. If we reached 6-months and we had almost reached 180 leads, for example… 161 enquiries, we would simply keep working for free until we hit the 180.
In fact we regularly far exceed this number!
A – We provide an online Lead Tracker where all the enquiries automatically update to. We request that your team provide daily feedback on the enquiry outcomes and if the patients booked in, attended their consults and if they commenced treatment.
Our team meticulously tracks this data to provide feedback to you and your team about where you can improve, based on what our top performing clients around the world are doing.

1. Login to Acuityshceduling.com using the login details found on your campaign proofs document
2. Click the ‘Availability’ button on the left hand menu

3. Click ‘Block Off Time’

4. If you need to block off a few hours, enter those times or for multiple days, click ‘Multiple Days’ and enter the dates you will not be in practice.
5. Click ‘Block Off Time’

For regular hours:
1. Follow above steps 1 & 2
2. Click on any day as pictured above and type the hours you are open. If you are closed that day type ‘Closed’

3. If they are regular hours, click ‘Save Regular Hours’

1. Login to Acuityshceduling.com using the login details found on your campaign proofs document
2. Click ‘Integrations’ on the left hand menu

3. Check that zoom is enabled as pictured above.

There may be a red box at the top of the screen stating that Zoom was unable to connect to acuity. If there is follow the next steps

4. Click ‘Edit’ and then ‘Disconnect’
5. Scroll back down the page and find Zoom
6. Click ‘Set up’ & ‘Connect To Zoom’
7. Login using the details found on your campaign proofs
8. Click ‘Pre-approve’ and ‘Authorize’
9. Make sure the ‘Invisalign Zoom Consultation’ appointment is ticked. Under ‘Create a Meeting In Zoom When Someone Schedules…’

You may need to check all of your upcoming appointments and double check there is a zoom link in the location
10. Click ‘Appointments Calendar’
11. Click on the appointment and check the ‘Location’ area to make sure a Zoom link is present

1. Click ‘Email Settings’ on the left hand menu
2. Click ‘Appointment Emails’
3. Make sure the ‘Send Appointment Notifications’ Box is ticked

You might also want to check the right email is added to do this please

4. Click ‘Availability’ on the left hand menu
5. Click ‘Calendar Settings’
6. Scroll to the bottom and enter the emails you would like to be notified

1. Login to acuityscheduling.com using the details found on your proofs document
2. Click on the appointment you wish to delete
3. Click ‘Delete’
4. Make sure you click ‘Send Email To Client’
5. If you wish to reschedule your appointment, click ‘Reschedule’ and pick a more suitable time.

1. Login to ‘Business.Facebook.com
2. Click on ‘More Tools on the left hand menu

3. Click ‘Business Settings’
4. Click ‘Ad Accounts’

5. Select the ad account you wish to view payments for
6. Click the Down Arrow on the top right corner

7. Click ‘View Payment Methods’
8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘View Receipts’

9. To View a specific date click ‘Last 30 Days’ and set to custom, and select the dates which would like like to see invoices from

To do this go to your lead tracker which can be found on your campaign proofs document and click the ‘Lead Tracker’

Chloe , from Dublin who closed 5 Cases In just 4 weeks…

“We engaged with Aligner Alchemy to help grow Invisalign, as a NEW user of the system.

We found that Dr Bav & Aligner Alchemy through team training, sales workshops and mentoring , gave us the confidence to see patients who are engaged, willing, and eager to start their Invisalign journey.

The numbers we’ve seen so far are unbelievable… in the 4 weeks alone we’ve seen 5 additional Invisalign case acceptances. I wasn’t sure if they would be able to deliver on their promise at first, but I’ve been blown away by Dr Bav and the Aligner Alchemy team, and their expertise.

If you’re interested in growing the Invisalign side of your practice, I wouldn’t hesitate to start with Dr Bav and Aligner Alchemy”

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