Giving Back

wowWe would like to introduce you to Wells on Wheels, our chosen charity.

Women in rural regions of India walk an average of 1-2 miles a day in the blazing heat, carrying water on their heads. A traditional container equals a standard airline checked bag. The weight over time leads to chronic neck and back pain, as well as musculoskeletal disorders This arduous task traps families in a vicious cycle of poverty as women and young girls can’t spare time to work nor study.

The Waterwheel, that we donate, is a large, round water drum that is fitted with handles so it can be rolled along the ground with ease, rather than carry it on their heads. The Waterwheel can carry five times more water than a pail, meaning children no longer need to be involved in carrying water. Girls can do better things with their time, such as work and education.

We donate 5 wheels for every project we complete at Aligner Alchemy, which impacts 25 lives including 15 children.