Here’s How It Works…

We understand that the patient experience has to be Consumer Based, Retail Like and Beauty/cosmetic based , we need to be congruent throughout the entire process… from our marketing to the first phone call your team makes.

Think about an olympic relay race for a moment, when do things usually go wrong?

When they pass the baton!

The same is true here. At Aligner Alchemy , we go beyond generating high quality new patient enquiries… we also provide tools, support, training and resources to minimise the chance of the baton being dropped at any stage of the process.

We’ve developed a systematic approach to Invisalign Business Development with a ‘ 6month Invisalign Transformation ‘ that allows us to guarantee your practice gets the results we promise.

Take Dr Wasim , Principal Dentist at Dentaliving in East London Who Is On Track For 160 Cases This Year…

“Hi my name is Dr Wasim Fazel I run Dentaliving in East London

After trying different strategies that failed to grow our Invisalign , I was introduced by Invisalign to a Dr Bav – ‘ the Invisalign Business Coach ‘ he and his team at Aligner Alchemy, Not only Quardupled the number of leads that we saw, but they also showed all my Invisalign Providers how to improve our case acceptance rate, and mentored the admin team to increase admin conversions

I have more than QUADRUPLED our Invisalign cases this year compared to last and we’re on track for over 160 cases by the end of the year. Dr Bav lives near the practice, so I made him an offer to help us ‘Deliver ; the Invisalign with the HUGE influx of cases he had generated. If , anyone wants to grow the Invisalign side of their practice, I 100% y recommend that they give they call Dr Bav today .”

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The 6 Months Transformation  –  We Guarantee a £72,000 additional revenue with a Guaranteed min 180  Invisalign Opportunities over 6 months- This gives you complete Peace of mind

These 180 Invisalign Opportunities can also be booked into your diary with a Fully Managed Invisalign Promotion Event [ 2 IPE]. This is very simple and easy

1. We book leads into your diary, provide ALL tools/resources and HELP you on the day to convert
2. You- take a deposit to reserve the slot and send out agreed content.
3. Simple steps to start your 6 months Invisalign Transformation