How to WIN at Remote and Virtual Workflows.


As we enter the 2nd Lockdown, lots of us are worried about the ‘NEW’ landscape and at the same time optimistic about our prospects to grow and serve our communities. Many of us are looking at how to go DEEPER into Remote and Virtual workflows.

My intention over the coming weeks is to discuss and explain the EXACT steps-  the Guru’s or masters of virtual workflows are following. In a world of Fake News and so called ‘Experts’ who talk a good game but offer no proof or evidence, I wish to share anecdotal evidence and stories of the TOP dentists from around the UK, so we can collectively grow and learn from shared experience.

The first question we ask ourselves is ‘why are we looking to embrace Virtual and Remote Workflows?’ and What problem are we solving or what benefit are we looking to gain?

Having started over 100+  Invisalign cases since July [end of lockdown/New Invisalign Discount year] – I embraced Virtual and Remote Workflows, because an Amazon Click and Collect Consumer- who wants convenience now sees virtual and remote dentistry as the golden standard- rather then a cost cutting exercise.

Consumers who value ease and convenience [hence the rise of the direct to consumer] value convenience first and foremost. The problem that I am looking to solve is to provide education/engagement and motivation to a consumer who is interested in Invisalign, BUT NOT motivated enough to sit in my chair. What I am looking to do is capitalise my market share and serve a consumer who wants Invisalign BUT it not motivated enough to chase me.



  1. Why are you doing Virtual and Remote Workflows
  2. What problem do you think you are solving for your end consumer?
  3. What is your goal from this?


LAST THOUGHT- during lockdown 1, no one knew if virtual and remote workflows are now the NEW way of doing things, or a blip in time. I believe that a firm understanding of the buying patterns and emotional drivers of our end client reveal which way the wind will blow and take us.