We have some really exciting announcements coming up that we cannot wait to share with you. Over the next few weeks we will be releasing over 40 videos of  3-4 mins , that will explain how you can become the Go-To Invisalign Dentist in 2022. 

Our Director and CEO, Dr Bhavin Bhatt, is not only the UK’s top Invisalign associate on a pro-rata basis, but he is also a Diamond Invisalign provider, having worked with over 500 Invisalign patients. 

Over the last 2 years, Aligner Alchemy as business consultants have conducted cutting edge research in the Invisalign field. Using our huge wealth of data, we have conducted a systematic audit and review of our top providers to uncover the growing trends in the Invisalign marketplace. This research has brought about two historic and monumental findings that will give you the cutting edge as an Invisalign dentist. 

We will start by sharing how you can win the Invisalign marketing game – what we like to call the 4Cs! 

Make a note in your diary and keep your eye on our Instagram so you don’t miss the free videos that will help you become the go-to Invisalign dentist in 2022.