Over the last 2 years, Aligner Alchemy as business consultants have conducted cutting edge research in the Invisalign field. Using our huge wealth of data, we have conducted a systematic audit and review of our top providers to uncover the growing trends in the Invisalign marketplace. This research has brought about two historic and monumental findings that will give you the cutting edge as an Invisalign dentist. 

We are excited to have shared this research with you through our first series on the 4Cs. The consideration videos explain: 

  • How to trigger a patient’s consideration in your Invisalign service 
  • How to improve your pull marketing strategies to secure patients who are considering Invisalign with you 
  • How to utilise your social media to target specific patients who are likely to consider Invisalign 
  • How to create sponsored ads that will successfully attract customers to your service 

If you enjoy our first series on the consideration phase, stay tuned for the release of series two which explains how you can secure hundreds of Invisalign patients through conversation! 

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