There has been a lot of confusion over workflow and the KPIs   with VC and Remote Workflows and who should be doing what, when we speak to business leaders, they usually advise that revenue is vanity and cash is king. With that same logic the number of Virtual Consultations is vanity, it is the number of cases started that is King-  

Case study 1-

YOGI SAVANIA , OF ALEXANDRA DENTAL CARE – has started 61 Invisalign cases in 4 weeks. Let us examine what he has worked out.

Who should do Virtual Consultations? Unlike other experts in Dentistry, I have always advocated that a Treatment coordinator or admin person should be upskilled/trained to do the Virtual Consultation.

WHY? The Virtual Consultation is there to gain a financial and emotional commitment- so that a motivated prospect attends for a Full Orthodontic Assessment.

Is doing a virtual consultation the best use of a GDP’s time?

Yogi trusted my systems and advice and with my help had his existing treatment coordinator train and upskill to do Virtual Invisalign Consultations, allowing him time to focus on Orthodontic Assessments – this flow has allowed him to do 61 NEW Invisalign cases with our help.


  1. Do you see Virtual and Remote Consultation as a NEW mode of accessing dental services?
  2. If so, should this be Dentist lead or team lead?


What would a Business Coach advise as the best use of your time?

I spend 90% of my clinical time doing Invisalign Assessments at the practice, this is why I have been able to start over 100+ Invisalign cases working just 1 ½ days clinically as an Associate dentist at a Mixed practice in East London

  • TCO does the VC
  • I do the consultation
  • Therapist does the Fit
  • Reviews done by Dental Monitoring